Security in a MFA world

Technology | Laminar | Security in a MFA world

There’s no question that the state of password security is problematic and has been for a long time. When humans […]

New Encryption Security Laws

Technology | Laminar | New Encryption Security Laws

I spent some time recently talking with our lawyers about the new Australian encryption laws that were passed by Federal […]

What Are We Really Hung Up About?

Technology | Laminar | What Are We Really Hung Up About?

I have been reading about how Huawei is being considered for the next Telstra 5G rollout and other significant infrastructure […]

What Will the Humans Do?

Technology | Laminar | What Will The Humans Do?

I have been involved in the technology space for a long time now.  As a result, I get a sense […]

The Future with Fortinet

This month 631 partners from 89 countries totalling around 1700 people filled the Cancun Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort […]

What’s Hot for 2016

Before we hurry on to 2016, we’d like to tell you about some of the biggest achievements our Laminar team […]

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