Wireless Networking at the G20

Laminar was involved in setting up the wireless networking for the G20, recently held in Brisbane. We built the wireless infrastructure for the convention centre some time ago and help them operate it. When the G20 took over the complex Laminar had to add capacity and coverage. The equipment used in the convention centre is from Xirrus and the same vendor was used with the temporary facilities for media and delegates. You can see the Xirrus equipment in the media pictures.

The convention centre had to be ready for the G20 organisation to take over on the 21st October so there was a quite a lot activity leading up to that date. Laminar and many other contractors worked overnight to make changes while the convention centre operated normally throughout the day.

The G20 organisation (led by Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet) controlled all of the facility including the wireless networking. They had 3000 unique devices use the network during the four days that the event was on. On the 19th November Laminar “repatriated” the wireless network back into BCEC control so that they could provide services to their clients on the 21st.

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