60GHz Technology

Technology | Laminar | 60GHz Technology

We recently installed a pair of new Aruba AP-387s for a client.  These use new 60GHz technology and allows us […]

New Gear and All The Ideas!

Technology | Laminar | New Gear and All The Ideas! | Diagnosing Network Issues | NetAlly | Fluke Cable Test

One of Laminar’s key engineering principles is being able to provide the real answer to things that are going on.  […]

Network Security – 3 Important Questions

As much as we wish it wasn’t true, the fact remains that the importance of cyber security is increasing. As AI and machine learning technologies grow in sophistication, so too do cyber security threats. They are becoming more intelligent, more targeted and substantially more damaging by the day.

What’s Really Cool About WiFi 6

Most of our vendors are releasing or announcing new WiFi technology.  This started with announcements late last year and now […]

Painting or Covering Antennas

Painting or Covering Antennas | Laminar

Can I just paint the Antenna or the Access Point? We very frequently need to paint or create special enclosures […]

WiFi-in-a-Box – The Napkin Idea

Technology | Laminar | WiFi-in-a-Box – The Napkin Idea | Man writing on a napkin

I’ve been getting regular questions about extending WiFi for one-off situations. Things like…. “Can we get WiFi down on the […]

What Will the Humans Do?

Technology | Laminar | What Will The Humans Do?

I have been involved in the technology space for a long time now.  As a result, I get a sense […]

Wireless Exposure

I was surveying at a school a few years ago with some special test equipment to assist me in designing […]

How To Achieve Exceptional WiFi

Everyone wants great WiFi. Speed, accessibility and reliability are vital to people being able to get their work done, as […]

What’s Coming in WiFi

Xirrus Founder, Dirk Gates, Tells Us What’s Coming in WiFI We were extremely lucky to be visited by Xirrus founder, […]

Make Your Wireless Pretty

There’s nothing more disheartening than unveiling your brand new renovation with hideous wireless arrays as the focal point…or updating your […]

The Future with Fortinet

This month 631 partners from 89 countries totalling around 1700 people filled the Cancun Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort […]

What’s Hot for 2016

Before we hurry on to 2016, we’d like to tell you about some of the biggest achievements our Laminar team […]

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