Nudgee Computer Room Gets A Makeover

Nudgee College needed to move their computer room because the building it was in was to be refurnished and partially demolished. We were more than happy to take on the task. Here’s the low down on what was involved.

Nudgee Computer Room Move

Cables in a mess

We had to withdraw the existing fibre plant from the old room

the old computer room

The old room

the old computer room
The old room

the new room under constructions with bare walls
The new room under construction (one week late)

cable tray on the ceiling in new room
On the power side of the building with the cable tray on the ceiling

Wrong FOBOT cover
While we working, Mice were busy elsewhere. The wrong FOBOT cover was used by previous contractors

Racks delivered
Racks being delivered

New computer room on a bare slate
New room presented to us bare although this picture shows we had roughed in a few components

ladder set up for 3 phase power
Preparing the 3 phase power

Two men drilling
Removing and re-installing doors was required to get the racks in

fibre works start
Fibre works start so that we can move servers in as a 2 part process

man setting up more fibre and power to the racks
Power to the racks now and more fibre.

fibre installed in the kitchen

Running fibre to other parts of the school was sometimes tricky due to poor workmanship of other contractors. For example, an icecream container holding back water from getting in. We had to properly route the fibre in and seal up the hole behind this. The pipe work was full of water just behind this.

man completing power board building
Building power board done!

men shutting down servers
Shutting down the servers just before the move from the old computer room. The following day the building it was in was going to be demolished. We should have done this 10 days ago.

server with fibres
About to shut down the core switch

New racks being installed
Installing equipment into the new racks

Comms cabinets
Comms Cabinets

server cabinets
Server Cabinets

copper and fibre interconnect complete
Copper and Fibre interconnect done. 48xCat6A

doors on computer racks
Doors on and UPS connected

Emerson 20 KVA UPS

Emerson 20 KVA UPS. Full load for 15 Minutes. 5KW for 45 Min. Includes equipment and one 8KW AC system. Bypass switch for isolation and UPS Testing. Each Cabinet is fed with separately fused 15A feed from normal mains power and UPS power. The Fuse has ELD.

Nudgee Computer Room Makeover Completed

- By Alan Kepper