The New 6GHz WiFi Spectrum

The New 6GHz WiFi Spectrum

Recently one of our suppliers, Aruba, released a new product. They did so while many in the industry are struggling […]

Defending Your Castle

Technology | Laminar | Defending Your Castle

For a long time, we have been working with our clients on designing, building and operating cyber security infrastructure and would traditionally […]

Privacy Awareness Week

Technology | Laminar | Privacy Awareness Week

This week (3-9 May 2021) is Privacy Awareness Week. At Laminar, we primarily deal with corporates, schools, government departments and […]

New Gear and All The Ideas!

Technology | Laminar | New Gear and All The Ideas! | Diagnosing Network Issues | NetAlly | Fluke Cable Test

One of Laminar’s key engineering principles is being able to provide the real answer to things that are going on.  […]

Governance and the Rush to Trust

Tech Support & Network Troubleshooting | Laminar

As our cyber security practice grows, we are increasingly being asked to complete audits and provide advice on cyber security […]

Laminar’s SIEM Service

Services | Laminar | Cybersecurity

Laminar has released a new Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service.  This technology is used to help manage cyber […]

What’s Really Cool About WiFi 6

Most of our vendors are releasing or announcing new WiFi technology.  This started with announcements late last year and now […]

New Encryption Security Laws

Technology | Laminar | New Encryption Security Laws

I spent some time recently talking with our lawyers about the new Australian encryption laws that were passed by Federal […]

Painting or Covering Antennas

Painting or Covering Antennas | Laminar

Can I just paint the Antenna or the Access Point? We very frequently need to paint or create special enclosures […]

What Are We Really Hung Up About?

Technology | Laminar | What Are We Really Hung Up About?

I have been reading about how Huawei is being considered for the next Telstra 5G rollout and other significant infrastructure […]

What Will the Humans Do?

Technology | Laminar | What Will The Humans Do?

I have been involved in the technology space for a long time now.  As a result, I get a sense […]

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