Wireless Network Upgrade, Installation & Support | Laminar

This site has a large volume WiFi use and required a custom built solution.  These facilities required special implementations to support high numbers of concurrent connections, multiple devices per user, multi-tenanting of the infrastructure, dynamic or changing configurations (changing services eg. trade shows).

This system operates high density 802.11AC wave 2 4×4 access points which support 4 5GHz radios per cable outlet. We designed the system making use extensively of a technique whereby the AP’s were mounted high on the ceiling and high gain antennas covered the floor below.  Modern client devices need line of sight “visibility” to the AP for optimum performance and by covering users from above we are able to provide a very high performance WiFi system.  A high signal to noise ratio allows the user devices to transmit and receive at very high data rates which minimises the airtime consumed by any one user and thereby allowing more people to use a very limited spectrum.

The site can have 10 more trade shows operating at once and each typically has their own networking requirements.  Managing such a dynamic environment over a shared infrastructure requires discipline and on site management systems.