New Wireless Link

This month we installed a pair of Ubiquity AirFiber5 Wireless systems for a very happy customer. Generating 1.2 Gbps throughput, this new microwave wireless link technology will provide connectivity to the internet for a campus that cannot receive high speed internet from local service providers. The other campus is close to the local exchange so it does have good internet access.

Laminar managed the whole process including specialist cabling, mounting, cranes and engineers to deliver the solution. This is all well worth it for an install that delivers our customers the latest technology for the fastest internet speeds or connecting a Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

These systems can provide very high speed connectivity for distances of 20-100KM or just down the road. They can achieve this using the latest 802.11AC wireless networking technology.

We have installed many of these sorts of links and have a wide range of solutions for your longer distance connectivity needs.

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Category : Wireless
- By Alan Kepper