Client CCTV brought down….Never underestimate a cyber attack

Our client had the dreaded ransomware attack which encrypted their local backups, local servers and IP CCTV video storage. Some servers were recovered due to offsite backups but not the IP CCTV server and video storage. This meant the site had no video surveillance until a new solution was in place.

We chose a Cisco Meraki solution which has the latest built in camera technology, traffic analysis, body motion detection, IR and built in secure storage per camera – “no NVR” (network video recorder) required, which means this setup was up and running in no time with limited technical resources required. The customer had video surveillance in less than 10 minutes!

The main concern with our client was the old IP CCTV NVR solution they had was encrypted by the ransomware and they couldn’t use the cameras or the management software, they were out of action. This equipment was useless, which meant they didn’t have 24/7 video surveillance.

Our client called us seeking some assistance. We needed a future proof solution, one that would prevent these types of attacks from happening again further on down the track. The solution needed to be reliable and easy to set up and manage from the get-go. Cisco Meraki was the perfect fit for our client.

The Meraki solution is fully cloudy based, secure and accessible onsite and offsite via the Meraki dashboard or the phone application.

This solution is enterprise quality which offers more flexibility than the onsite legacy IP CCTV camera solution. These cameras can be wired into the network or can be joined via a wireless connection for those hard to reach places. The Meraki solution has a camera selection to suit your budget or your requirements.

Why not invest in a modern solution that works and doesn’t consume your valuable network bandwidth, or impact your video surveillance due to ransomware attacks. The real-time traffic stays at the edge of the network. The cameras capture and record to their on-board storage. You only need the dashboard to view the video which means if the local network or the internet has problems, the cameras still record.

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- By Nathan Gittins