The Lamchat Messaging System

The Lamchat Messaging System

Do you ever wonder how secure your messages really are? Discover why LamChat is the best choice for secure, end-to-end encryption.

Network Security – 3 Important Questions

As much as we wish it wasn’t true, the fact remains that the importance of cyber security is increasing. As AI and machine learning technologies grow in sophistication, so too do cyber security threats. They are becoming more intelligent, more targeted and substantially more damaging by the day.

What’s Coming in WiFi

Xirrus Founder, Dirk Gates, Tells Us What’s Coming in WiFI We were extremely lucky to be visited by Xirrus founder, […]

The Future with Fortinet

This month 631 partners from 89 countries totalling around 1700 people filled the Cancun Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort […]

Wireless Networking at the G20

Laminar was involved in setting up the wireless networking for the G20, recently held in Brisbane. We built the wireless […]

WiFi for Conferences

WiFi for Conferences | Laminar | Internet Speed Test

Last month we set up the WiFi for the eResearch conference in Melbourne. Fast WiFi is crucial for these events […]

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